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9 people shot to death, many others injured in attack on Coptic Church in Egypt

On 29th December, two gunman randomly shot at parishioners leaving a worship service at the St. Menas “Mar Mina” Coptic Orthodox church in Helwan. 

According to reports, one of the assailants possessed an Improvised Explosive Device, but was shot down and arrested before he detonated the explosives. The gunmen killed six parishioners, a police officer and two bystanders.

Later it was reported by the The Islamic State’s Aamaq news agency that full responsibility for the attack was claimed  by the local affiliate of the terrorist group. 

Prayer points:Pray for God’s comforting presence upon the families of the victims in the incident;Pray that Coptic Christians would overcome their fear and continue to attend church;Pray for God’s protection over all Christians in Egypt;Read more…
11 killed, over 50 injured in church bombing in PakistanDuring the Sunday mass on December 17th, two armed suicide bombers from the Islamic state attacked the Bethel Memorial Methodist Church in western Pakistan, killing 11 and injuring over 50 others. It is reported that both men were stopped at the entrance by security officials. As a result, only one of the attackers managed to detonate his suicide vest.
Prayer pointsPray for God’s comforting presence upon the families grieving the loss of loved ones in the incident;Pray for God’s protection over all Christians in Pakistan;Pray for God’s healing upon those injured in the attack;Read more…
14 year-old Christian boy murdered because of his faith in EgyptOn the 20th of December, Ishak Nashaat Birwan’s body was found with signs of torture and facial deformities near a canal where he lived.  He was missing for 11 days. His cousin, Samir Fekry stated that even though the family went to the police the day after his disappearance “none of them did anything to help us investigate the matter”. Birwan lived in Izziyah, a large Christian village near Manfalout in Asyut. According to the pastor of the church Birwan belonged to, “Ishak was targeted and killed because of his faith, because he is Christian”. “Their aim was to turn Christmas joy of the villagers to sadness,” he added.

Prayer points:

  • Pray for God’s comforting presence on Nashaat Birwan’s family;
  • Pray for God’s protection over Christians living in the village of Izziyah
  • Pray that those responsible for this heinous crime would be brought to justice;

Read more…

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